Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. I am an Author and Campaigner for relevant social issues in Ireland including Mental Health.

My first book, ‘A Funny Thing About Depression’ is a Mental Health memoir appeared on the Amazon Best Seller Self-Help books in 2017. I also published a poetry book in aid of C-SAW Mental Health Service in Tipperary called ‘Catching The Thought’.

My campaigns include #TooManyLives Suicide Awareness Campaign featuring Actor and Activist John Connors and Singer Daniel O’ Donnell, “I’m Still Here” short film shortlisted for The Beara Film Festival 2018 and a Petition for a change from Junior to Senior Mental Health Minister in Ireland, allowing for more proactive and timely decisions to be made around Mental Health in Ireland.

I really don't understand why people would risk public health because they are simply tired of the virus. Wear the mask, wash the hands and follow the guidelines please, for all of our sakes. We owe it to our friends and family.

Leo Varadker showing genuine compassion here.

Michael Martins leadership has been questioned the past week but that was strong delivery. Wishing everyone in Dublin the best. It will a tough few weeks in the capital.

"75% of the population are concerned that social distancing measures and restrictions will have a long-term impact on the mental health and welfare of society more broadly" #mentalhealth #ireland #COVID__19 https://t.co/NmtAVCcA8h via @irish_technews

Happy Friday! The sun is shining which is always good😎

The collection and collating of mental health statistics was stopped in Ireland in March around the same time as covid lockdown. Not only is this disrespectful but an attempt to mislead the public on the current state of #mentalhealth in #ireland. How is this happening?

Cathal O'Reilly