We are now entering a time of year where there will be a complete shift in the way we do things. The summer has come to an end and Autumn is on the horizon again. The beautiful trees that have been so good to us will eventually lose their leaves and start to hibernate and prepare for spring again. But all of this has an affect on our energy levels also. The change in seasons not only brings a change in the way things grow and how nature works but also in the way we operate as people.
There are three main struggles that people I have encountered are struggling with at the moment.
1. Tiredness
A lot of people are feeling tired at the moment. Very tired. Fatigued. Burnt out possibly. What I would say here is don’t fight the tiredness. Try to be gentle with yourself and accept how you are feeling in a given moment without forcing yourself to have more energy. September is a time of a lot of change so you are going to need all the energy in your reserves so make sure to rest up now so that you do have energy in the future, If you engage in this energy struggle, you will just feel more depleted and tired and end up being frustrated with yourself and criticising yourself for not having more energy.
2. Anxiety
Many people are also feeling anxious at the moment. It may be the worry of the kids going back to school or just a change up of things in your life. Change is good but can also be challenging. Remember if things are changing it is for good reason. The anxiety may also be coming in because you are fighting this tiredness as mentioned above. You will need to find somewhere you can go to breathe through the anxiety. The bathroom possibly if you work in an office environment. Make some time for yourself where you will be able to breathe. It may be going for a walk to de-stress, spending time in nature or simply in your car on the way to work. Remember to always breathe through the anxiety. Sit with it. Accept it. There is no fighting it, similar to the tiredness. Remember it is only a temporary feeling and it will pass.
3. Self-Doubt
Due to covid, many people have decided to take a new path in their lives. Peoples lives have changed dramatically, whether it is working from home or a change in career. But with change, there is often the voice of criticism and self-doubt. However it doesn’t need to control your actions. The self critic does not determine what we actually do in our lives. Acknowledge that it is there of course but don’t give it the energy it craves because that will only lead to a path of doubt and than we would never be able to accomplish anything.