Do you currently find yourself dreading your job? Do you feel like when the Sunday evenings kick in, that you are counting down the hours to when you HAVE to work THAT job just to pay the bills and keep everything afloat? Or maybe it is isn’t all so bad and you just feel like there is a different career out there for you?! Maybe you know already what that career is but feeling a bit reluctant about making that career change. After all, you may have studied this in college or school and you may feel that this is all you know. It could be a good time to refocus yourself and really ask yourself – Is this the job I see myself doing for the rest of my life? Or even – Do I see myself in this job in 6 months to a year?

We often feel dread in certain jobs because we really feel that we have more value to add in our daily lives and more value to add to life in general. After all, for most of us, we spend the majority of our lives in  the workplace (or working from our laptops as a result of Covid-19).

We may be after choosing a certain career path but it doesn’t really fit the bill so the speak – we feel uncomfortable and we feel like we have chosen the wrong career path. It may be that this is the career that was carved out for you by generations that went before you.

For example, you may be a teacher because your parents and grandparents were teachers so you felt this was a suitable fit but you are not fully getting the job satisfaction you thought you would. Or maybe another profession that you just kind of “fell into” and it is not sitting quiet right with you? Maybe you are working in an office job and would prefer to be more outdoors or maybe working with helping people.

It is never too late to make a career change. The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, started the Amazon brand when he was 31. Samuel L. Jackson didn’t get his first acting break until he was 43 and Colonel Sanders (Founder of KFC) didn’t franchise the company until he was 62. Vera Wang started her fashion career at 42, having figure skated most of her life!

However, it is quiet daunting to make a career change and it takes a lot of thought and courage to do so. After all, this is the job that is providing security for you at the moment and there is a fear around not having any money and of course – What job will I actually do? Some people don’t know what they want to do but simply know that what they are currently doing is not providing the satisfaction they truly deserve. Maybe you are on that boat or maybe you know the area you would like to move into but just delaying the process of making that first big step.

It takes tremendous courage to take that first step and into the ‘unknown’. However, there is a hugely rewarding process that takes place when you start to really listen to yourself and start to take that power back in your life.

There is ALWAYS other options. If you missed one boat – there is another one coming and if its not a boat, it’s a train or a bus or some other way of getting you where you need to be!! Be true to your purpose! The deep burning purpose that has been talking to you along the way, as you KNOW you are destined for better and greater things and not just working to pay the bills.

I am currently working on a new model of coaching and looking for 5 people for a block of 4 coaching sessions where we will talk about life and career and how you can start to implement change in your life. This will really help you start to take action in all areas of your life and you will discover which areas need more focus in order for you to live a more fulfilled life!

These sessions will not incur a fee and they are part of my coaching research and an exclusive offering! All I would ask for in return is that you write a testimonial (that can remain anonymous if you wish) that I can use for my portfolio.

If you are interested, please call or text me on 087 – 1724261 or fill out the enquiry form over here and I would be delighted to answer any questions you might have! Thanks, Cathal