Catching The Thought – Released on Amazon November 23rd 2019.

A small collection of poems and images that are about pausing in the busy moments of the modern world and Catching The Thought.

Catching The Thought will be available through the Amazon bookstore and through book retailers in Ireland.

All proceeds from this book will go to C-SAW Mental Health Charity in Clonmel. C-SAW are a group of volunteers and professional counsellors who offer a warm and confidential listening service in Clonmel. You can find them on Facebook – C-SAW Tipperary.

Catching The Thought

A Funny Thing About Depression – Released July 2017

A Funny Thing About Depression’ is Cathal O’ Reilly’s little book of life’s frailties.

Written through the eyes of a survivor of depression and anxiety, the book is a short but intense insight into a life often lived in difficult times. Cathal has crafted a book that is targeted at those who understand the conditions and he tells his tale with a raw honesty and a dark humour.

The book is a bittersweet testament to the resilience of the human spirit under siege.



"Cathal Captures the Black Dog"
I'm not a reader perse, but once I started I couldn't put it down. A very Frank & honest account of depression first hand from Cathal. Ireland is awakening to a better understanding of mental health issues. A great short read, I must say....well done.

Trevor Tipperary, Ireland 6th November 2019

Catching The Thought

Refreshingly honest
Not normally one for writing reviews but after reading this book I felt that I needed to share my view. Don't hesitate in ordering this lighthearted personal encounter, it's refreshingly honest and not what you'd expect as it did make me laugh (more than once). A good quick read that reminds me we are not the only ones that struggle from time to time.

Amazon Customer 23rd July 2017

A must read
A fantastic read, bluntly honest with some great humour throughout. Cathal has told his story in a great light and everyone who has suffered or has had someone around them suffer can relate to his story.

Amazon Customer 24th July 2017

very funny and so relatable in a lot of what he ...
Wouldn't be much of a reader but having known Cathal personally for years I said I'd give this book a go! Really honest account, very funny and so relatable in a lot of what he says. Would recommend this book to everyone, don't let the title lead you to think it's a heavy read, it's very enjoyable and light hearted whilst also making some great points. Fair play Cathal.

Amazon Customer 7th August 2017

Love it
Here's a person who really understands Depression and gets how it makes others feel. This is a real, true, honest account of a person's struggle with life and The Black Dog.

Lorna 1st August 2017

Raw, honest and beautifully written
This book is beautifully honest and I love the way it is written, informal in a "having a chat with your friend" kind of way. would definitely recommend, to everyone! you don't have to have had depression to enjoy this.

Laura Biggs 8th August 2017


Really enjoyed this book
Really enjoyed this book. Really honest, frank look at mental health from a different point of view. Well worth a read whether you are going through something yourself or have a loved one who is having a tough time and you would like to understand a bit more of what they are going through. Highly recommended!

Sandra 16th August 2017

Inspiring to say the least
Reviews aren't my thing but this book needs to be read by everyone and their mother! Cathal is so honest, his words are so real and relatable and it's great that he adds his humour into it. My favourite line from the book "I went from having just enough experience to changing my underwhere everyday, to starting a business and employing people 10-20 years older than me" I love his ways of wanting to change the system and and having schools more educated on mental health! Brilliant read well done Cathal you should be so proud on how far you've come 🙂

Aoife C 1st August 2017

Good easy read

Donal 28th January 2018

You have to read this beautiful book
This is a brilliant book. I laughed and I cried. Cathal has written with honesty and with insight to what was happening around him

Kindle Customer 25th July 2017

A must read
I could not put this book down once I had started it. A very honest account of a dark subject matter. This book will have you laughing one minute and tearing at your heart strings the next. For anyone struggling with depression Cathal is living proof there is a life worth living beyond the black dog.

Amazon Customer 7th August 2017