It is very easy to say “don’t care about what other people think” however it is a whole other ball game putting it into practice. Here are some things I have found helpful in caring less about what others think:

1. Surround self with people who gossip less. At the end of the day, when you surround yourself with people who gossip, you are entangled in the very mentality of caring what people think. I would say I have surrounded myself with gossipy people in the past and I must say it has not been helpful in that it made my mindset small and closed off from the endless opportunities that are actually available. And they are available to you now too. Focus on yourself. Focus less on what others are doing. The grass isn’t always greener (i hate that phrase).

2. It kind of falls in from the last point but focus on yourself. Don’t compare your number 1 to someone elses number 10 ( i got that from a fitness influencer on Instagram but still, i think it is applicable and worthy of inclusion). If you are looking out to what others are doing, again, you get caught in the mindset of looking at others progress instead of looking at yourself and growing. Be your own competition. Again, I have often started worrying about what others think when i raise my standards especially. I have found that i than get imposter syndrome, feeling unworthy and not good enough to raise my standards way above what i am used to. Again, focusing on my own growth as apposed someone elses has really helped in caring less about what people think. I know it sounds a bit corny but finding what you love as well really helps as I have gained more independence and freedom in finding lifes loves ie. Hobbies and simple things.

3. Consume less shite. Your diet doesn’t just consist of what you eat- also what you read, watch, who you talk to, who you hang around with and so on. Ever get that feeling inside that something isn’t right with what you are consuming? The gut feeling is never wrong. In my experience, if something doesn’t add value to your life what’s the point? I know junk television can be good to shut the mind off and relax. Look each to their own. Its not for me personally though. The aul junk television that is.

4. Do your own thing. Start finding love for what you have always enjoyed. I personally love tarot cards and using my intuition and only recently came out of the spiritual closet! Does everyone accept it? NO. Do i accept it? Yes. Which is what is most important. There is still stigma existing around things that are seen as different and not the norm. For example, i have a Commerce degree so the norm for me would be to do finance. No sir-eee, not for me! For a long time, i cared about others expectations of me to the point of not doing what i truly love.

I will end this blog post with – don’t wait. We only have one life. I wish i had come out of the spiritual closet sooner!! All the years gone by where I shut down my spiritual side public because i was afraid of what people think. Do what you love. No matter what you think, people will be much more accepting and the people that are meant to be in your life, will be. The people that don’t matter, wont be. Believe it or not, most of us are just fearful and focused on our own lives to even think about what someone else is doing. So if someone disapproves or doesn’t accept your choices, it will only be for a fleeting moment that means f*ck all anyway in the bigger scheme of things!

Do what you love!!

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