So, spring is well and truly upon us and the evenings are starting to get longer which many people are grateful for as we welcome, brighter days ahead.
What a great time to kickstart something you have been planning on for some time. Just because you didn’t do it in January, certainly does not mean it is too late (as you already know) but what is still stopping you from achieving your dreams and goals? Is it Covid? It certainly has not made things any easier.
In saying that, and as we have all figured out at this stage, we must stay positive each and every day and exert a feeling of gratitude for our overall health and well being and in particular our mental health. This attitude is good for our mental health and is takes focus away from the problems we face and puts more of a focus on, again, the ‘positives’, so to speak.
The beginning of the year is a fantastic time to set some new goals and developing a strategy to reach them. Goals and dreams really are a great way of thinking. I would add to that and say that ultimately dreams are not much good unless we are developing an action plan around them and putting actionable steps in place. They don’t have to be huge steps. But ask yourself – what is the smallest thing I can change, today, to start making my dreams a reality.
I have found through coaching that this is always a great place to start. It is called the Minimal Viable Motivator (MVM) – the SMALLEST action you can take today or tomorrow to make your dreams start to come to fruition.
We are living in very uncertain times and starting to think about an action plan around our goals can encourage a certain degree of control and ultimately certainty in our lives. A degree of control and certainty in our lives is very good for our mental health as we take charge of our lives.
We need a degree of certainty of course to survive. High levels of uncertainty can cause an increase in stress and anxiety however a degree of uncertainty is healthy. When you start to map out your dreams and goals for the year, you will realise that whilst you can control the vast majority of things, there will also exist a degree of uncertainty which is perfectly normal.
We all encounter problems in our life. It’s just the way it is. When one problem leaves there will be another problem we have to deal with. We just hope that the quality of our problems are high ie. hopefully they are not health related or grievance related which are often tough times to navigate, for example. But when addressing a problem in your life, be it finance, relationships and so forth, ask yourself – what aspects of this problem can I control?
This is often the first step to addressing problems and I have found that in my coaching practice. Ultimately, there are things we can partially control, influence and of course some things we just simply have to accept. For example, Covid-19 restrictions – we must accept these guidelines and we are not in control of what the government decides.
However, we all too often fall into the trap of thinking something is outside of our control when, in fact, if we were to really sit down and think about it, it often turns out that there are at least some aspects that we can control and that we can definitely influence.
For example, “Covid-19 is a really tough time for me, I can’t do anything, it’s not allowing me to actually meet any of my loved ones or see anyone.” Instead of thinking what you can’t do – think of what you CAN do. You CAN still connect with your loved ones because of the power of technology, through video or phone, most of us CAN get some degree of exercise in and if you can read, it is a great time to start learning more.
So, taking that real life example, you will notice that there are alot of aspects you can control in a very uncertain situation. We are all learning to adapt to the pandemic and we are all finding new ways to keep ourselves occupied in our spare time. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate and understand the complexities you may be facing today and this week and maybe even next week.
In a challenging time like this, I would like to finally give space to the importance for us to be kind to both ourselves and than to others. The power of love and kindness breaks through all barriers and there is great healing in expressing and feeling love, compassion and kindness so make sure to at least make an effort to give the space for these feelings.
Until next week, stay well. Start making your dreams a reality by taking on the MVM (Minimal Viable Motivator) – The very smallest thing you CAN do. An important action step on your journey to accomplishing your goals and ultimately your dreams!