Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. I am an author and campaigner for relevant social issues in Ireland including mental health.

My first book, ‘A Funny Thing About Depression’ is a mental health memoir and appeared on the Amazon Best Seller Self-Help books in 2017. I also published a book of poetry in aid of C-SAW Mental Health Service in Tipperary called ‘Catching The Thought’ which is also available on Amazon.

My campaigns include #TooManyLives suicide awareness Campaign featuring Actor and Activist John Connors and Singer Daniel O’ Donnell, “I’m Still Here” short film shortlisted for The Beara Film Festival 2018 and a petition to change from Junior to Senior Mental Health Minister in Ireland, allowing for more proactive and timely decisions to be made around Mental Health in Ireland.

My opinion piece in @thejournal_ie today on the importance of our mental health during the second lockdown. I would be reluctant in offering a solution but hopefully helped in shedding some light on the mental health fallout from the pandemic. #mentalhealth https://t.co/vo2ECPbwfZ

Does social media allow us to fully accept ourselves? Or is it counter productive in the self acceptance process? I think the validation process of social media is not allowing us to fully be ourselves. Rejection of self in virtual is spilling into the real world. #MentalHealth

Make sure to pick up a copy of the Nationalist today to catch my new column on mental health. 'There is no point in sugar coating the mental health crisis we face in Tipperary' @TipperaryLive @TheNationalist @TippFM #Tipperary

Relative to countries like Nigeria I feel very lucky to live in Ireland..Hope justice is served and these animals are put away. https://t.co/k1KGlTk4oa

Allen Frances – We must not confuse Trumps bad behaviour with mental illness

The following was originally posted by thebmjopinion however, I have [...]

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