Making my first call to Cathal was a bit of a struggle. I’d been under a lot pressure and had been thinking about how I’d go about making the changes that I needed to make. I can honestly say it didn’t take long to get my thoughts together once I got the courage to work with Cathal. I felt supported, encouraged and heard for the first time honestly in my life. I can say without thinking twice it’s turned my life around.

Deirdre , Finance

Cathal was recommended by a friend of mine who had done some work with Cathal. Making contact with him was as easy as working with him. He is a genuinely passionate man that sees your success as his success.

John, Construction

I decided to work with Cathal on an issue that I struggled with for quiet a while. The biggest surprise to me was that I had to do quiet a bit of the work myself and that turned out to be the best of my experience in working with him. Cathal supported my journey all the way and I would like to say thank you.

Tadhg, Teacher